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181 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added 1.5.0 version  
180 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added object controls, and fixed bugs about freeconnections methods  
179 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added support for JDBC 1.4 methods  
178 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ just added an object control  
177 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added object controls, and added a testThisObject method to test a connection (which is in a transaction)  
176 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added synchronized block for notifyAll call  
175 4640d 23h experl01 /trunk/ added JDBC 1.4 methods  
174 4641d 00h experl01 /trunk/ added connector-1_5.jar howl.jar  
173 4641d 00h experl01 /trunk/ new 1.5.0 version  
172 4641d 00h experl01 /trunk/ news version of jotm 2.0.8 with new jar files  
171 4641d 00h experl01 /trunk/ new jotm version 2.0.8  
170 4711d 17h experl01 /trunk/ changed xapool version to 1.4.2  
169 4718d 16h experl01 /trunk/ fixed bug (by Miro) about SAPdb testsuite, added getFreeConnection (with connection)  
168 4718d 16h experl01 /trunk/ fixed bug (by Miro) about SAPdb testsuite  
167 4722d 00h experl01 /trunk/ added method in CoreStatement for jdk 1.4  
166 4722d 01h experl01 /trunk/ last submission for 1.4.1  
165 4854d 21h experl01 /trunk/ fixed a bug when transaction manager is null (in toString method (miro found)  
164 4865d 21h experl01 /trunk/ added test when connection is closed  
163 4865d 21h experl01 /trunk/ added Logger information to prevent nullpointerexception during object initialization  
162 4866d 00h experl01 /trunk/ contrib: added setDataSource call to the constructor method  

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