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1413 2271d 23h mmalohlava /tags/ FESCA tutorial tag
* took place in Tallinn on 31st March 2012
1374 2364d 23h mmalohlava /tags/ Release 0.8.1. tagged  
1273 2560d 22h mmalohlava /tags/ release 0.8.0 tagged  
1198 2768d 23h keznikl /tags/ Sofa j2me merge tagged.  
1081 2915d 12h hosekp /tags/ Trunk tagged before SOFA 2 upgrade.  
874 3085d 23h mmalohlava /tags/ Trunk tagger before sofa modularization.  
852 3121d 14h mmalohlava /tags/ Tag for version 0.7.0 (r841)  
851 3121d 14h mmalohlava /tags/ Tag for release 0.7.0  
494 3371d 23h mmalohlava /tags/ Tag for SOFA 2 0.6.1 release.  
493 3371d 23h mmalohlava /tags/ Tag for sofa release 0.6.1  
434 3402d 19h mmalohlava /tags/ SOFA2 release 0.6.0 tag  
409 3415d 03h mmalohlava /tags/ tag trunk before merge with sofa-project branch  
314 3526d 20h mmalohlava /tags/ SOFA 2 release 0.5.0 tagged  
313 3526d 20h mmalohlava /tags/ SOFA 2 release 0.5.0 tag  
302 3533d 05h hnetynka /tags/ Tagged trunk before merging with the osgi branch  
145 3755d 20h mmalohlava /tags/ SOFA2 release 0.4.0  
104 3841d 20h mmalohlava /tags/ Tagging the 0.3.0 release of the 'SOFA2' project.  
103 3841d 20h mmalohlava /tags/ Create new tag.  
49 4042d 23h hnetynka /tags/ Repository cleaning  
15 5483d 03h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'start'.  

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