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1354 2383d 21h kudlondr /branches/ Merge clone feature: wizards's page nonRecursiveButton label correction.  
1351 2391d 08h tibor /branches/ enterprise application support for sofa 2  
1350 2392d 08h tibor /branches/ branch for sofa-ee profile  
1349 2397d 06h kudlondr /branches/ Added sofa adl in-memory editation javadoc, final interfaces of EMF Command tools and used implementation in sofa.adl.editor  
1335 2422d 08h kudlondr /branches/ MConsole clone/merge feature final stage. Added wizards abstraction, helper class for communication with repository (in mconsole/resources) and UI enhanced (now looking the same way as MConsole Navigator does).  
1309 2429d 18h kudlondr /branches/ MConsole clone/merge feature: thread handling correction and output dialog  
1298 2434d 08h kudlondr /branches/ MConsole repository clone/merge clean up  
1297 2434d 08h kudlondr /branches/ MConsole repository clone/merge feature sources  
1296 2434d 08h kudlondr /branches/ MConsole repository clone/merge feature  
1293 2442d 04h kudlondr /branches/ in-memory-edit: corrections and implementation update  
1292 2444d 08h kudlondr /branches/ interfaces and first implementation of adl-in-memory  
1282 2454d 03h kudlondr /branches/ adl in memory editation - first commit  
1250 2539d 15h babkd /branches/ repair of the incorrect factory example commit  
1249 2539d 16h babkd /branches/ forgotten factory example  
1248 2539d 16h babkd /branches/ final commit
added factory and dynamicconnections examples
added self-shutting aspect
fixed LOT of bugs
1181 2702d 10h babkd /branches/ added model interfaces  
1180 2702d 10h babkd /branches/ added example to factory pattern and link, unlink, create, destroy aspects  
1179 2702d 10h babkd /branches/ added parameter value handler and parameter value modifier interceptor generators
added unlink and destroy interceptors
moved responsibility of handling delegation chains from interceptors to connection manager
1178 2702d 10h babkd /branches/ rebuilded interface selector to provide multiple conditions  
1177 2702d 10h babkd /branches/ added unlink and destroy annotations to emf model
added priority to aspect and changed aspect to implement Comparable according to priority

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