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44 4212d 18h gibello /trunk/ Explicit gc() calls in unreferenced() method are now subject to -explicitgc option when starting the RmiJdbc server (default no explicit gc).  
43 4228d 20h gibello /trunk/ Removed explicit calls to gc(), except in unreferenced() methods  
42 4998d 20h gibello /trunk/ Potential bug in getConnection() methods: a new Connection was created (useless, should return the connection used when instanciating the object) and the old one could be lost by the application then garbage collected by the DGC, causing "Connection is closed" errors. Fixed now.  
41 4998d 20h gibello /trunk/ Minor enhancement (indent / code blocks)  
40 5018d 23h gibello /trunk/ Method unreferenced() now tries to rollback the transaction if any.  
39 5019d 00h gibello /trunk/ Minor commebt and indent updates  
38 5019d 00h gibello /trunk/ Removed useless import statements.  
37 5019d 00h gibello /trunk/ Removed RJDriver.java from directory + makefile (unused), and got rid of a useless import in RJJdbcServer.java  
36 5041d 00h gibello /trunk/ In connect() method, 2 calls to jdbcDriver.connect were made instead of reusing a local variable. Fixed.  
35 5166d 22h gibello /trunk/ In getPropertyInfo, a direct call too registry.lookup() could cause NotBoundExceptions. Replaced with internal lookupDriver() method call (makes more checks).  
34 5200d 18h gibello /trunk/ Added RJAdmin documentation, in an "administration" chapter.  
33 5200d 18h gibello /trunk/ Replaced InstantDB example with a JDBC/ODBC example  
32 5200d 18h gibello /trunk/ Updated for the "java -jar" startup option  
31 5200d 19h gibello /trunk/ Replaced rmijdbc-team email with rmijdbc@objectweb.org  
30 5200d 19h gibello /trunk/ Updated makefiles to add manifest file for executable jar (java -jar)  
29 5200d 19h gibello /trunk/ To launch RmiJdbc using "java -jar"  
28 5262d 18h gibello /trunk/ The constructor of RJResultSet now has 2 args...  
27 5262d 18h gibello /trunk/ Added a shutdown directive in RJAdmin. This is secured by requiring a password to be defined when starting the RmiJdbc server. Required to move the RMI lookup mechanism from the Connection to the Driver class.  
26 5262d 19h gibello /trunk/ Added compile statement for RJAdmin.java  
25 5262d 19h gibello /trunk/ Now the ResultSet keeps track of the eventual Statement it was created from. ResultSet's getStatement() method was also fixed. The problem was that the Statement could previously be lost, then garbage collected, causing "ResultSet is closed" exceptions.  

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