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297 5093d 14h chassand /branches/ bug fix: avoid imbricated synchronization on loading  
296 5098d 04h chassand /branches/ avoid to read delete object in the prefetch buffer  
292 5099d 16h chassand /branches/ *** empty log message ***  
291 5100d 04h chassand /branches/ bug fix: fix entry on a readIntention in order to avoid the eviction  
290 5100d 04h chassand /branches/ add logs  
289 5100d 08h chassand /branches/ warning log  
288 5105d 11h chassand /branches/ *** empty log message ***  
277 5107d 06h chassand /branches/ bug fix: a cache entry can be evicted during a read operation  
260 5125d 09h chassand /branches/ avoid concurrent loading of the same object in order to avoid dead loack on the data support  
259 5125d 09h chassand /branches/ pascal bug fix  
227 5149d 14h chassand /branches/ add forgotten synchronized bloc on 'entries'  
226 5161d 14h chassand /branches/ *** empty log message ***  
225 5162d 16h chassand /branches/ concurrent loading  
211 5166d 06h chassand /branches/ *** empty log message ***  
189 5169d 08h dechampa /branches/ Finish correction of parallel deletions.  
186 5173d 07h dechampa /branches/ Correct bug in parallel unbind in replacement manager.  
181 5176d 08h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
1 5712d 07h /branches/ Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.