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6514 1992d 11h albertil /branches/ Removed engine sandbox branch already reintegrated into trunk  
6513 1992d 11h albertil /branches/ Removed designer sandbox branch integrated into trunk within commit 6512  
6506 2005d 12h albertil /branches/ Deleted idea config  
6505 2005d 12h albertil /branches/ Merge from trunk  
6504 2006d 11h cisse /branches/ using GravityGenericServlet for gravity configuration  
6498 2007d 11h cisse /branches/ removing unused classes  
6495 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6494 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6493 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6492 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6491 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6490 2012d 14h nesrine /branches/  
6472 2018d 08h nesrine /branches/ Change a comment to English.  
6471 2018d 09h nesrine /branches/ Dependency to reporting .  
6470 2018d 10h nesrine /branches/ Some corrections added on the report's design.  
6469 2018d 11h nesrine /branches/  
6468 2018d 11h cisse /branches/ merge from trunk  
6449 2019d 08h nesrine /branches/ Some correction added for Birt Engine logs / An Chart event Handler has been added for both reports to set up colors for values + corrections on the design side  
6448 2019d 08h nesrine /branches/  
6447 2019d 08h nesrine /branches/ Some corrections added to display the 2nd report,  

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