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6547 2346d 07h albertil / ORCHESTRA-30:
- Prevent NPE when deleting pools which are targeted by a task
- Prevent OoBE when selecting SeqFlows
6546 2346d 11h albertil / ORCHESTRA-30: Added test on selecting operation for an invoke task  
6545 2346d 11h albertil / ORCHESTRA-30: Privatized wsdl repository  
6544 2346d 11h albertil / ORCHESTRA-30:
BpmnPalette: updated automation name for Task view in order to match with standards defined for other views
Added a basic FlexMonkey test for tasks
6543 2347d 04h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-49: activate java delegation model for JOnAS  
6542 2347d 05h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-51: fix regression with catch implicit variables  
6541 2347d 06h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-50: remove monitoring tables from Orchestra core database creation script  
6540 2347d 06h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-13: add statistic mbeans  
6539 2348d 06h albertil / Privatized Birt dependencies  
6538 2348d 06h albertil / CI Fix: correcting issue when typing an underscore on windows  
6537 2348d 06h albertil / Refactoring: Renamed method  
6536 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: fix tests  
6535 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: remove unneeded classes, add maven opts to cargo  
6534 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: optimize start time by pre-loading reports  
6533 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: clean unneeded files  
6532 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: add project name  
6531 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: refactor view, add error popup  
6530 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: refactor module inclusion (compile sources as separate jar)  
6529 2349d 11h porcherg / ORCHESTRA-27: start integration of reporting  
6528 2350d 04h albertil / Correcting an issue on css style for IE8 causing a crash an loading the console  

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