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3823 2717d 13h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Added the generation of the apache certificates + the copy into the runtime.  
3814 2717d 14h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Bad configuration to trigger the nf-runtime-compile-trunk: it was configured to detect a change of SVN at 4:10 am instead of being triggered at 4:10 am every day.  
3811 2718d 13h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Changed the nf-runtimes-xxx jobs so that it is nf-runtime-trunk-deploy that is triggered after the compilation and that triggers the launch.  
3810 2718d 13h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Added the integration tests option.  
3809 2718d 14h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Updated the configurations of the runtimes so that it is the nf-runtime-trunk-compile job that calls the two others once finished.  
3800 2718d 19h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Cleans up the configurations by changing the numbers of build to keep (from 2 to 1) for the runtimes configuration + for the deployment, remove the novaforgeInstall.sh script generation which was useless.  
3799 2718d 19h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Configuration imports  
3798 2718d 19h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Initiates a project structure for hudson configuration.  
3797 2718d 19h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Bad import. Removed useless files.  
3796 2718d 19h ctranxuan /cintegration/ Initial import of continuous integration configuration.