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559 2171d 18h benoitf /trunk/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration  
557 2171d 18h benoitf /trunk/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release MONOLOG_2_2_1_RC1  
556 2171d 19h benoitf /trunk/ Format imports (imports not used)  
555 2171d 19h benoitf /trunk/ Set javalog factory before launching tests  
554 2171d 20h boukadam /trunk/ Test case for monolog extension  
553 2171d 20h boukadam /trunk/ Test if the pattern was not used by another extension  
552 2171d 20h boukadam /trunk/ Enable adding and removing extension  
551 2171d 23h benoitf /trunk/ Remove assemblies  
550 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ Update SVN properties  
549 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ ignore target folders  
548 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ delete test as tests have been moved to modules folder  
547 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ Delete old build folder  
546 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ Next step  
545 2172d 02h benoitf /trunk/ Move to maven (1st step)  
544 2173d 20h benoitf /trunk/ Allows to add/remove new pattern at runtime
Patch provided by Mohammed BOUKADA
543 2173d 20h benoitf /trunk/ Support JRE 1.6 (patch provided by Mohammed BOUKADA)  
542 3295d 23h benoitf /trunk/ prepare next release  
540 3295d 23h benoitf /trunk/ Version 2.1.12  
539 3319d 22h fornacif /trunk/ Activate Handler before adding it  
538 3319d 22h fornacif /trunk/ Prepare for next development iteration  

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