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6033 1722d 05h tachker /trunk/webconsole/ Joram version 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT  
5423 2068d 03h tachker /trunk/webconsole/ Joram 5.9.0-SNAPSHOT  
5279 2109d 04h tachker /trunk/webconsole/ JORAM-67: avoid ClassCastException on connect method.  
5032 2228d 05h afreyssin /trunk/webconsole/ Undo renaming of message attribute.  
5031 2228d 05h afreyssin /trunk/webconsole/ Renames message attribute.  
4957 2263d 05h afreyssin /trunk/webconsole/ Handling of changes in ClientSubscription interface.  
4948 2276d 04h tachker /trunk/webconsole/ need for nexus release  
4852 2396d 05h tachker /trunk/webconsole/ Set groupId to org.ow2.joram.  
4821 2457d 06h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Minor javadoc fix.  
4820 2457d 06h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Add an exclusion in import package.  
4819 2459d 05h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Handler class becomes abstract.  
4818 2459d 05h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Specialized handler classes are not necessary: use generics instead.  
4817 2464d 06h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Update preferences.  
4816 2464d 06h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Update preferences.  
4815 2464d 06h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Update preferences.  
4814 2464d 09h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Webconsole is currently using Java 1.6.  
4813 2464d 09h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Update third party libraries.  
4812 2464d 09h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Remove warnings using pom.  
4811 2464d 09h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Regroup matching dependencySets together.  
4810 2464d 09h surrel /trunk/webconsole/ Add A3 configuration file to ease hosted mode test.  

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