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6584 67d 04h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Fix version 5.16.0-SNAPSHOT.  
6580 72d 10h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Fix version 5.15.0.  
6576 107d 03h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds test jmsbridge.BridgeTest23x (JORAM-288).  
6574 107d 09h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Fix temporal issue.  
6573 107d 09h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds test about queue properties changes and persistency.  
6548 220d 09h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Test JORAM-281.  
6546 221d 00h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Test JORAM-281.  
6545 221d 00h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6544 221d 00h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6543 221d 00h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6537 260d 03h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Joram 5.15.0-SNAPSHOT  
6527 260d 10h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6523 261d 06h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6522 261d 06h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Highlight JORAM-279 issue.  
6520 261d 09h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Joram 5.14.0  
6499 261d 11h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds Rest test in performance target.  
6498 261d 11h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6493 268d 02h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Tests the XML administration scripts.  
6492 268d 02h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Fit with administration API changes.  
6491 268d 02h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Fit with administration API changes.  

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