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6464 59d 12h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Tests recovery of bridge REST from failures of bridge and foreign server.  
6463 59d 12h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Tests recovery from failures of bridge and foreign server.  
6462 59d 13h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Use different OSGi configuration for bridge and foreign Joram servers.  
6461 59d 13h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Optimizes configuration.  
6460 59d 13h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Minor changes.  
6453 74d 15h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds JMS bridge failure test.  
6452 74d 15h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds JMS bridge failure test.  
6450 80d 15h tachker /trunk/tests/ add bridge REST tests.  
6449 81d 13h tachker /trunk/tests/ JORAM-272: bug fix in MapMessage.  
6436 137d 19h tachker /trunk/tests/ JORAM-270: Avoid a possible blocking when stopping the server on linux.  
6435 144d 13h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Test bridge re-connection after connection renaming (see JORAM-266, JORAM-267).  
6427 277d 19h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Test the configuration of redeliveryDelay for Users and Queues.  
6425 282d 13h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Test the setting of redeliveryDelay after Queue creation.  
6422 335d 13h tachker /trunk/tests/ Joram 5.14.0-SNAPSHOT  
6419 339d 16h tachker /trunk/tests/ Add jms2.deliveryDelay_Q2 to the tests.jms2 list.  
6418 339d 16h tachker /trunk/tests/ JORAM-260, JORAM-263: Add Tests, persist the persistent messages if delivery delay is set, on durable subscription  
6415 341d 19h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Close the administration connection before stopping the server to avoid a dead-lock.  
6414 341d 21h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Stop and retart the server to verify that the mechanism is always active.
These tests shows malfunctionning with initial implementation of the mechanism, see [JORAM-260] and [JORAM-263].
6413 341d 22h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Allow to configure the transaction component from the build.xml file.  
6412 341d 22h afreyssin /trunk/tests/ Adds tests for redelivery delay mechanism (stop and restart of the server).  

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