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3776 2742d 14h afreyssin /trunk/kjoram/ Adds CLDC and MIDP API jars.  
3719 2782d 12h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ update Joram version and protocol 53.  
2816 3132d 12h afreyssin /trunk/kjoram/ Adds a magic number verification and the identity transmission mechanism in TCP protocol.  
2647 3275d 19h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ remove bad import.  
2646 3275d 19h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ fix correlationID.  
2645 3275d 19h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ add comments.  
2586 3299d 15h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ first.  
2531 3309d 15h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ new kjoram.  
2530 3309d 15h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ new kjoram.  
2529 3309d 15h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ new kjoram.  
2528 3309d 16h tachker /trunk/kjoram/ new kjoram.