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6353 801d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ version 5.13.0-SNAPSHOT  
6328 817d 18h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ JORAM-244: Update OSGi, felix and gogo version.  
6321 948d 19h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ Joram 5.12.0-SNAPSHOT  
6302 1117d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ Joram version 5.11.0-SNAPSHOT  
6189 1288d 18h afreyssin /trunk/joram/shell/ Updates version to Joram 5.9.2-SNAPSHOT  
6187 1288d 18h afreyssin /trunk/joram/shell/ Updates version to Joram 5.9.2-SNAPSHOT  
6169 1300d 17h afreyssin /trunk/joram/shell/ Submit Joram 5.9.1  
6163 1300d 18h afreyssin /trunk/joram/shell/ Submit Joram 5.9.1  
6032 1718d 19h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ Joram version 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT  
5977 1792d 19h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ MOM shell help corrected  
5968 1797d 16h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ Added 2 new shell cmds setFreeReading and setFreeWriting  
5450 2034d 17h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ Corrected a bug on subscription names for the cmd joram:mom:list  
5446 2041d 23h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ [JIRA JORM-91]Improve joram:mom:delete : can delete destination by only specifying "destination" (or "dest") instead of "queue" or "topic" (those still work)  
5423 2064d 17h tachker /trunk/joram/shell/ Joram 5.9.0-SNAPSHOT  
5277 2106d 23h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ Added joram:mom:infoMsg
Improved MOM error messages & table display
5254 2112d 17h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ mom:list : less large tables (more useful info, more specific) => Tests may fail  
5253 2112d 23h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ Corrected mom:list. Corrected Record.toString (parenthesis). Added new JMX cmd for NamingContext. Replaced all JNDI cmds by a new one: jndi:list.  
5247 2114d 18h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ MOM Cmds: DeleteMsg and ClearMsg now use SynchronousAgent  
5245 2114d 23h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ MOM cmds use sync agent for delete user/dest  
5189 2138d 23h guinoist /trunk/joram/shell/ Improved joram:mom:create command. Now using synchronous agent to request creations and retrieve the reply. The SynchronousAgent is to be merged with AdminTopic.  

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