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6387 666d 12h afreyssin /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Adds the OW2/Joram monitoring bundle to the default configuration.  
5976 1801d 09h guinoist /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties fixed previous commit  
5974 1801d 10h guinoist /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties ant build for tests  
5263 2116d 10h afreyssin /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Fix LGPL license removing unapropriate ASF.  
5228 2122d 11h afreyssin /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Restores standard Felix Shell.  
5172 2146d 17h guinoist /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Samples config file: added shell bundles, allows local access using telnet (port 6666)  
4883 2363d 16h afreyssin /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Removes bad dependencies to fake monitoring module.  
4881 2375d 10h monticelli /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Modifications of fr.dyade.aaa.common.monitoring package to create a MonitoringService.
It was previously launched by AgentServer.start() from a *.props configuration file.
Now it is launched separately from a *.xml configuration file.
4104 2830d 18h afreyssin /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Configure autostart list of bundles depending of the sample.  
4000 2896d 10h tachker /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties add bundle a3-osgi.jar  
3924 2923d 12h tachker /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties maven migration.  
3752 3034d 08h surrel /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Replace config file with a full one.  
3746 3035d 08h surrel /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Set felix.auto.deploy.dir property directly in config.properties file.  
3636 3117d 11h surrel /trunk/joram/samples/config/config.properties Add felix config.properties.