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5852 1774d 03h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Updates Joram 5.8.1 history.  
5420 1950d 05h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.8.0  
5419 1950d 05h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.8.0  
4777 2355d 06h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.7.0  
4755 2357d 08h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Update for recent changes.  
4725 2392d 07h surrel /trunk/joram/history Update history.  
4669 2418d 04h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Updates history from Joram 5.5.0.  
4505 2529d 07h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Updates changes since 5.5.0.  
4376 2595d 04h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Minor changes.  
4342 2626d 03h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
4211 2683d 11h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.4.0  
4148 2703d 10h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
4106 2711d 12h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.4.0 b  
4056 2739d 10h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.4.0  
4054 2739d 12h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.3.3  
4044 2760d 13h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Adds description of previous work about destination framework and designer.  
4028 2762d 04h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Administration changes and bug fixes.  
3974 2783d 09h tachker /trunk/joram/history Version  
3929 2804d 06h tachker /trunk/joram/history maven migration.  
3871 2850d 10h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.3.1 maintenance release.  
3855 2852d 04h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Updates history list for Joram 5.3.1  
3772 2902d 05h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
3706 2935d 09h tachker /trunk/joram/history add pom for OSGi bundles.  
3701 2935d 10h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
3674 2952d 06h tachker /trunk/joram/history  
3542 3026d 03h tachker /trunk/joram/history  
3526 3028d 11h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history  
3492 3035d 11h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history  
3477 3039d 10h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history  
3474 3040d 09h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
3460 3047d 07h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.2.6  
3452 3048d 11h surrel /trunk/joram/history Updates history.  
3438 3049d 10h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history pre Joram 5.2.6  
3366 3067d 03h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Updates history.  
3314 3083d 09h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.2.5  
3145 3162d 05h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history  
3113 3175d 11h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
3071 3186d 04h surrel /trunk/joram/history  
3065 3187d 06h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.2.4  
3054 3188d 11h afreyssin /trunk/joram/history Joram 5.2.4