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6584 35d 00h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Fix version 5.16.0-SNAPSHOT.  
6579 40d 07h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Fix version 5.15.0.  
6537 228d 00h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.15.0-SNAPSHOT  
6520 229d 05h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.14.0  
6421 574d 00h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.14.0-SNAPSHOT  
6353 773d 06h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ version 5.13.0-SNAPSHOT  
6321 920d 01h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.12.0-SNAPSHOT  
6302 1089d 05h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram version 5.11.0-SNAPSHOT  
6187 1260d 00h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Updates version to Joram 5.9.2-SNAPSHOT  
6164 1272d 00h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Submit Joram 5.9.1  
6032 1690d 01h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram version 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT  
6012 1721d 01h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ JORAM-150: use the ow2-jms-2.0-spec instead of javax.jms-api.  
5423 2035d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.9.0-SNAPSHOT  
5272 2082d 01h afreyssin /trunk/joram/conf/ Fix LGPL license removing unapropriate ASF.  
4855 2363d 21h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ remove the useless groupId org.ow2.joram  
4846 2364d 05h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Set Joram groupId to org.ow2.joram.  
4773 2441d 01h surrel /trunk/joram/conf/ JORAM 5.8.0-SNAPSHOT  
4770 2441d 01h surrel /trunk/joram/conf/ JORAM_5_7_0  
4661 2504d 01h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.7.0-SNAPSHOT  
4655 2504d 01h tachker /trunk/joram/conf/ Joram 5.6.0  

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