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6537 140d 21h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram 5.15.0-SNAPSHOT  
6520 142d 03h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram 5.14.0  
6438 275d 21h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-271: add rest bridge extension.  
6428 391d 22h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-264: add a dependency exclusion geronimo-jms_1.1_spec  
6421 486d 21h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram 5.14.0-SNAPSHOT  
6391 545d 23h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Adds the OW2/Joram monitoring bundle.  
6390 545d 23h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Adds the OW2/Joram monitoring bundle.  
6353 686d 03h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ version 5.13.0-SNAPSHOT  
6350 686d 21h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-248: create a Joram JMS joram-assembly-${project.version}-client.jar
set appendAssemblyId to true, remove the finalName.
6349 686d 22h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-248: create a Joram JMS client jar  
6346 687d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ remove felix versions to the dependencies.  
6335 701d 21h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-245: Assemble REST API and dependencies.  
6321 832d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram 5.12.0-SNAPSHOT  
6302 1002d 03h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram version 5.11.0-SNAPSHOT  
6187 1172d 22h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Updates version to Joram 5.9.2-SNAPSHOT  
6172 1184d 21h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Updates Joram 5.9.1  
6162 1184d 22h afreyssin /trunk/joram/assembly/ Submit Joram 5.9.1  
6032 1602d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ Joram version 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT  
6017 1619d 20h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ add ow2-jta-1.1-spec dependency.  
6012 1633d 23h tachker /trunk/joram/assembly/ JORAM-150: use the ow2-jms-2.0-spec instead of javax.jms-api.  

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