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6519 104d 20h afreyssin /trunk/joram/.classpath Minor changes.  
4460 2511d 14h tachker /trunk/joram/.classpath add amqp sources.  
4217 2643d 18h tachker /trunk/joram/.classpath set jasp output classes.  
4096 2673d 20h afreyssin /trunk/joram/.classpath 1st version of JASP : Joram Access with STOMP Protocol.  
4001 2738d 14h tachker /trunk/joram/.classpath add a3.osgi to build path.  
3951 2758d 14h tachker /trunk/joram/.classpath remove unused.  
3937 2765d 15h tachker /trunk/joram/.classpath maven migration.