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6192 1170d 03h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ MaJ du code des topics elastiques et rajout de qq scripts  
6092 1492d 02h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - En-tetes ajoutes.
- Correction de qq bugs.
6083 1524d 01h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ -Added Elastic Topics files.  
5874 1767d 04h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Used getStatistics instead of custom getQueueMetrics.  
5821 1793d 01h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Changed Elastic Joram test files..  
5802 1800d 00h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated Elastic joram test files.  
5801 1800d 01h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Changed scripts and test-related files of Elastic Joram.  
5800 1800d 01h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated Elastic Joram Java code..  
5509 1849d 03h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Added an extra script (amazon-kill.sh)  
5508 1849d 03h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated Elastic Joram sources and test scripts (for Amazon deployment)
- Added logs for static evaluation on Amazon.
5491 1870d 03h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated test files and scripts (elastic)  
5481 1891d 11h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ Script to run on Amazon, updated reporting.  
5478 1898d 02h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ Slight changes in eval scripts (elastic)  
5477 1899d 02h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ Updated Elastic test files..  
5476 1900d 02h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Reorganized results for elastic paper, updated code for static eval  
5444 1929d 03h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Added changes to elastic Joram reporting scripts  
5294 1986d 11h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated elastic/test files to perform static evaluation.  
5293 1986d 11h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Cleaned elastic/java code  
5292 1986d 11h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated elastic Joram code (elastic/java)  
5163 2034d 05h elrhedda /trunk/elastic/ - Updated code and scripts in elastic.
- Added logs of latest experiments.

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