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6564 50d 03h afreyssin /branches/ Joram 5.13.1  
6563 50d 03h afreyssin /branches/ Joram 5.13.1  
6561 50d 03h afreyssin /branches/ Joram 5.13.1  
6560 50d 08h afreyssin /branches/ Report bug fix (JORAM-287).  
6559 50d 08h afreyssin /branches/ Minor changes.  
6558 50d 08h afreyssin /branches/ Report bug fix (JORAM-286).  
6557 53d 01h afreyssin /branches/  
6556 53d 01h afreyssin /branches/  
6555 53d 01h afreyssin /branches/  
6554 53d 01h afreyssin /branches/  
6553 53d 01h afreyssin /branches/  
6318 924d 01h afreyssin /branches/ Bug fixes: removes old context from disk after cleaning (JORAM-243).  
6315 964d 05h feliot /branches/ Version: 5.10.0.JoramMQ-1  
6314 964d 06h feliot /branches/  
6297 1068d 03h afreyssin /branches/ Changes logger name to trace flow of messages.  
6295 1068d 04h afreyssin /branches/ Temporary bug fix: Avoids negative values for the stamp counter (JORAM-228).  
6293 1068d 07h afreyssin /branches/ Bug fix: Avoids a deadlock during Connection.start method (JORAM-237), free the connection lock before handling the sessions.  
6292 1069d 00h afreyssin /branches/ Tune the termination avoiding long timeout.  
6289 1069d 00h afreyssin /branches/ Adds new tests for JORAM-232, JORAM-233 and JORAM-234.  
6287 1069d 00h afreyssin /branches/ Adds a particular logger allowing to follow the messages flows with a limited amount of traces.
Bug fixes: Avoids potential duplication of messages (JORAM-233, JORAM-234).

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