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21771 2300d 10h rougerm /sandbox/ JMT - JBoss and GlassFish samples  
21770 2300d 10h rougerm /sandbox/ JMT - Code optimization, Refactor Error management, added logger  
21769 2300d 10h rougerm /sandbox/ JMT - Added a Maven plugin  
21761 2303d 10h sauthieg /sandbox/ Moved to git: http://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2-jonas/osgi-jndi-service  
21757 2303d 12h sauthieg /sandbox/ Publish the project on the OW2 Nexus repository  
21696 2325d 14h rougerm /sandbox/ Fixed Maven artifact dependencies and package names  
21681 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ Samples to test the JOnAS Migration Tool  
21680 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ Oracle WebLogic support for migration tool  
21679 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ JBoss support for migration tool  
21678 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ Glassfish support for migration tool  
21677 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ Migration tool's initial check-in: analyzer + architecture  
21676 2335d 11h rougerm /sandbox/ Moved JMT doc to prepare JMT code commit  
21656 2342d 10h rougerm /sandbox/ Initial check-in of JMT documentation  
21655 2342d 10h rougerm /sandbox/ Created sandbox for JOnAS Migration Tool (JMT)  
21652 2343d 07h sauthieg /sandbox/ First drop of DirObjectFactory support

Need more tests
Need also to have a delegation chain of ObjectFactory instead of a sequential list
21651 2343d 07h sauthieg /sandbox/ Add implementation for newInitialDirContext  
21650 2343d 07h sauthieg /sandbox/ The spec says that the JNDIContextManager must acts on behalf of the client (not using its own BundleContext, but te one of the client).
In order to do this, a ServiceFactory pattern has been used. That allows us to have a separate ContextManager instance per client/bundle.

* Introduce an Association interface allowing to keep track of Context build directly/indirectly from this ContextManager.
* Close all associated Context when the client/bundle release the JNDIContextManager service.
* Reworked the provided Context to use more wrapping
21649 2343d 07h sauthieg /sandbox/ The execution stack finder have to stop on InitialDirContext too  
21648 2343d 07h sauthieg /sandbox/ When used in traditional mode (new InitialContext() / new InitialDirContext()), the system have to act using the BundleContext provided by the caller  
21542 2367d 11h loris /sandbox/ Add some notes about the integration of MQ in JOnAS 5  

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