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19107 3027d 05h eyindanga /demo/ Demo is fully functional for windows.
TODO: make properties demo properties, independent of the system.
19063 3034d 12h eyindanga /demo/ Adding presentation of the demo  
19062 3034d 12h eyindanga /demo/ Adding MBeanCMD configuration  
17395 3230d 11h fornacif /demo/ Only style  
16992 3280d 11h fornacif /demo/ Ignore target  
16991 3280d 11h fornacif /demo/ Service on demand demo:
- Use the tikitag reader for authentication purpose (Daniel's driver)
- Use sensors drivers from OW2 Aspire
- Package name refectoring
16067 3383d 07h eyindanga /demo/ Correct libraries for compilation.  
16066 3383d 07h eyindanga /demo/ Correct libraries for compilation.  
15738 3419d 05h fornacif /demo/ Move jonas/demo/jonas-obr to jonas/demo/service-on-demand  
15737 3419d 15h fornacif /demo/ Found the original licence  
15736 3420d 06h fornacif /demo/ Allow to configure the serial port name of the led screen  
15735 3420d 10h fornacif /demo/ Temperature correction is now useless  
15734 3420d 10h fornacif /demo/ Improve the thermometer's driver code  
15733 3420d 14h fornacif /demo/ Better service dependency management  
15154 3470d 02h loris /demo/ Remove the warnings  
14220 3574d 12h fornacif /demo/ Add the led-screen module  
14219 3575d 03h fornacif /demo/ Ignore target folders  
14218 3575d 10h fornacif /demo/ Select by default the first serial device found  
14208 3576d 13h fornacif /demo/ Remove Thumbs.db file  
14207 3576d 13h fornacif /demo/ Add Bull logo  

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