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58 4866d 18h moghrabi /trunk/ Update copyright 2004->2005  
57 5041d 04h margueri /trunk/ removed line FC(max_credits=200000;min_credits=5200;down_thread=false) in FLOW_CONTROL layer config  
56 5063d 19h mpeltier /trunk/ Remplaced htdig by Google and minor corrections  
55 5087d 22h margueri /trunk/ fixed typo  
54 5087d 22h margueri /trunk/ added text to oopsla news  
53 5087d 22h margueri /trunk/ fixed typo  
52 5087d 22h margueri /trunk/ added oopsla 2004 logo  
51 5087d 22h margueri /trunk/ added 2nd ow benchmarking workshop + link to oopsla 2004 workshop  
50 5119d 02h margueri /trunk/ fixed typo  
49 5119d 02h margueri /trunk/ added link the rubbos forge project  
48 5119d 02h margueri /trunk/ added rubbos v1.2  
47 5153d 22h margueri /trunk/ added info on how to populate the database  
46 5155d 04h margueri /trunk/ added version rubbos servlets v1.1  
45 5173d 23h margueri /trunk/ fixed parsing problem  
44 5173d 23h margueri /trunk/ added result page  
43 5179d 22h cecchet /trunk/ Minor update  
42 5181d 02h margueri /trunk/ added ref to JGroups evaluation  
41 5181d 02h margueri /trunk/ added jgroups evaluation in the left menu  
40 5189d 02h margueri /trunk/ added benchmarking workshop  
39 5189d 02h margueri /trunk/ added ref to the slides of the benchmarking workshop.  

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