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10114 1978d 15h jlegrand /sandboxes/ indent  
10113 1978d 15h jlegrand /sandboxes/ use last Silbops API and add a key "source" on the message published  
10044 2103d 15h jlegrand /sandboxes/ deprecated. see http://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2-jonas/jonas-agent instead  
10043 2103d 15h jlegrand /sandboxes/ deprecated. see http://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2-jasmine/jpaas-apache-manager instead  
10042 2103d 15h jlegrand /sandboxes/ deprecated. see http://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2-jasmine/jpaas-controller instead  
10040 2103d 16h jlegrand /sandboxes/ deprecated. see http://gitorious.ow2.org/ow2-jasmine/jpaas-portal instead  
9920 2180d 13h jlegrand /sandboxes/ try to lock PaaS project while migrating to Git repository  
9906 2188d 12h jlegrand /sandboxes/ still reduce JOnAS agent footprint  
9897 2200d 12h jlegrand /sandboxes/ lightweight JOnAS agent  
9895 2200d 12h jlegrand /sandboxes/ upgrade JOnAS version. Remove discovery services  
9893 2200d 14h jlegrand /sandboxes/ ignore Intellij IDEA file  
9892 2200d 14h jlegrand /sandboxes/ delete unused directory  
9891 2200d 14h jlegrand /sandboxes/ yet another try to lightweight JOnAS agent  
9888 2200d 17h jlegrand /sandboxes/ ClusterDaemon needs Discovery service based on JGroups. Begin to improve JOnAS Agent footprint (hack watinig for JOnAS based on Addons)  
9886 2201d 10h richardd /sandboxes/ CLOUD-37 add functionalities to delete a VM and its node/client on the Chef Server  
9883 2201d 13h jlegrand /sandboxes/ remove unused directory  
9882 2201d 14h richardd /sandboxes/ update jonas-agent scripts  
9881 2201d 14h richardd /sandboxes/ update apache-agent scripts  
9879 2201d 16h richardd /sandboxes/ update apache-agent scripts  
9878 2201d 16h richardd /sandboxes/ update jonas-agent scripts  

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