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207 3697d 13h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Implement JASMINE-45
* Refactor gateway management
* Introduced IGateway to wrap gateway datas
* Use of URI instead of IP only to identify gateways
* URIs are used to find a matching protocol
* Add a local JMX Protocol
* Remove the OSGi preference Protocol page, as Protocol is now automatically choosed usding the URI
* Add an unreachable state for the Gateway with a grey icon
* Move DNS-SD stuff in the Gateway plugin class instead of the view
* Moved gateway storage out of the preference page into the gateway plugin class
183 3705d 03h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Fix for JASMINE-43
* Applied patch from F. Fornaciari
107 3759d 15h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Reduce RCP dependencies
Note that this product file is tailored for windows (win32 specific fragments), so you have to update the dependencies if you're under linux
106 3759d 15h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Support bundle action(start/stop, ...) on multiple bundles  
105 3759d 23h sauthieg /osgi-console/ French internationalization  
104 3759d 23h sauthieg /osgi-console/ exclude the bin directory  
103 3760d 00h sauthieg /osgi-console/ A lot of changes :)
* Start internationalization
* Refactor Protocol handling (introducing a ProtocolDescriptor)
* Refactor protocols XML description
* Removed PreferenceInitializer
* Refactor the Gateway plugin
** Replaced inline definitions of actions by descriptor defined actions
** Add icons
61 3812d 14h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Add missing comment  
60 3812d 14h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Missing file  
59 3812d 15h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Display full error message  
58 3813d 03h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Confirm OBR removal  
57 3813d 03h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Small gateway plugin refactoring :
* Move the active gateway list from the view to the plugin (more central place)
56 3813d 03h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Confirm bundle uninstall  
55 3814d 02h sauthieg /osgi-console/ cosmetic change  
54 3814d 02h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Add the ability to sort bundle list accordingly to a type (ID, NAME, VERSION, STATUS).  
53 3815d 02h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Fix last commit, was conflicting ...  
52 3815d 02h sauthieg /osgi-console/ Refresh GatewayView after the drop action  
51 3816d 11h sauthieg /osgi-console/ * Update manifest to correct the dependency
* Change the protocol icon
* Sort the bundle according to their IDs
50 3816d 11h sauthieg /osgi-console/ make the action cancelable  
49 3816d 11h sauthieg /osgi-console/ style  

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