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9770 1907d 22h durieuxp /kerneos/ change a trace to debug only  
9760 1910d 22h jlegrand /kerneos/ ignore target directories  
9759 1910d 22h jlegrand /kerneos/ Move to Nexus OW2 Maven repository  
9757 1910d 22h jlegrand /kerneos/ ignore Intellij Idea files  
9694 1915d 01h durieuxp /kerneos/ KERNEOS-111 try to find error when failure to load and start a module  
9679 1918d 01h durieuxp /kerneos/ english messages  
9678 1918d 02h durieuxp /kerneos/ english mistake  
9677 1918d 02h durieuxp /kerneos/ change trace to getResource  
9676 1918d 02h durieuxp /kerneos/ add traces to getResource  
9161 2024d 21h renaultgu /kerneos/ - Change API package name
- update kerneos module artifact to handle the new package
8905 2051d 20h diorcety /kerneos/ Change project's structure  
8882 2052d 21h diorcety /kerneos/ Fix Kerneos Application XSD  
8875 2053d 02h benoitf /kerneos/ empty folder  
8871 2053d 20h diorcety /kerneos/ Change XSDs namespace  
8868 2053d 20h diorcety /kerneos/ Add index redirection
Add content-length header to file requests
8863 2053d 21h diorcety /kerneos/ IFrame example  
8862 2053d 21h diorcety /kerneos/ Enter key validates login form  
8861 2053d 21h diorcety /kerneos/ Customizable styles  
8812 2059d 20h diorcety /kerneos/ Use SWF Version 11  
8778 2066d 21h riverapj /kerneos/ Change archetype suite changes in org.ow2.kerneos.core.api.KerneosModule  

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