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3079 3427d 08h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Use the last release of WildCAT.  
3031 3436d 01h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ WildCAT: Correct a bad test and avoid a NPE.  
3025 3436d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ JASMINe Event Query Adder: Allow to insert new aggregated events into the WildCAT context before processing them.  
3024 3436d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ WildStat: update to follow the API of JASMINe events.  
3023 3436d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ WildCAT: Allow to directly use the query attribute to emit new aggregated events.  
3021 3440d 00h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ WildStat bundle: embed LeWYS.  
3018 3441d 04h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ WildStat: Add entry 'Class-path: .' into the manifest of generated jars.  
2988 3444d 04h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ [WildStat] correct a bug introduced by the previous commit.  
2987 3444d 06h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Add support of the XSampleData  
2985 3447d 01h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Oups  
2981 3447d 04h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Use an executor service to perform polls in //  
2980 3447d 05h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Prevent some NPE.  
2979 3447d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Don't erase the timestamp when only filtering events.  
2973 3450d 05h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Create a node representing the aggregator.  
2972 3450d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Add support of filtered attributes.  
2964 3451d 06h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Correct the WILD tagger.  
2954 3452d 01h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Removing tabs introduced by myself.  
2953 3452d 02h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Use the new feature of WildCAT providing event isolation.  
2937 3455d 08h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Add some OSGi delights  
2935 3456d 07h loris /jasmine-wildcat/ Confiigure Eclipse to perform some actions on save  

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