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7289 2721d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Unified EOL  
7288 2721d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Added a lot of traces  
7287 2721d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Cleanup style  
7286 2721d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Added some comments
* Used static imports to improve readability
7285 2722d 09h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Prefer https over http  
7284 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Unified EOL  
7283 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ JSMNSELF-10: Dead-lock when adding a new rule

* Another attempt to fix deadlock issue
* Avoid using knowledgeSession as monitor in a synchronized block (avoid NPE when stop() is called)
* Try to cleanly stop the RuleExecutor Thread
* Do not start the RuleExecutor each time addPackages() is called (only when the knowledgeSession is created is sufficient)
7282 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Ooops, wrong TestCase name  
7281 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Unified EOL  
7280 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ JSMNSELF-11: Synchronization issue on IDroolsWorkingMemoryPool.getOrCreate()

* Added TestCase to reproduce the issue
* Simply add a 'synchronized' on the getOrCreate() method to ensure that parallel calls are serialized
7279 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Unified EOL  
7278 2722d 10h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Update JBoss repository URL
* Add some comments
* Removed some non needed XML declaration
7023 2763d 10h pelletib /jasmine-selfmanagement/ JSMNSELF-10 - attempt to solve deadlock issue during WM operations  
6706 2884d 14h renaultgu /jasmine-selfmanagement/ MONITORING-218 :
- Change all the GenerateType.SEQUENCE to GenerateType.AUTO. The documentation here :

supports identity columns in DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase and HypersonicSQL. The returned identifier is of type long, short or int.

uses a sequence in DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP DB, McKoi or a generator in Interbase. The returned identifier is of type long, short or int

Shows that SEQUENCE is not supported by MySQL dialect
6534 2915d 18h pelletib /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Add new rules examples
1) automatic thread dump when a JDBC pool is saturated
2) automatic restart of a failed server
6388 2947d 12h pelletib /jasmine-selfmanagement/ replace retract() call with drools.retract()
5947 3045d 12h alitokmen /jasmine-selfmanagement/ eor  
5946 3045d 12h alitokmen /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration  
5945 3045d 12h alitokmen /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.2  
5944 3045d 12h alitokmen /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.2  

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