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9652 2345d 00h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ move to last version of pom parent org.ow2.ow2  
7693 2698d 03h joaninh /jasmine-selfmanagement/ MONITORING-296: annotations associated to the fields instead the methods (does'nt fix the pb :-( !)  
7606 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ set maven.username  
7603 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration  
7602 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.3  
7601 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.3  
7600 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ svn propset  
7599 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.3  
7598 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release jasmine-selfmanagement-1.3.3  
7597 2701d 07h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ use last version of JASMINe event  
7503 2709d 06h renaultgu /jasmine-selfmanagement/ - add synamic import package on drool  
7404 2726d 08h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ JSMNSELF-12 : Prefix sequence name with JM for uniformization  
7400 2727d 09h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Remove unused import  
7399 2727d 09h jlegrand /jasmine-selfmanagement/ JSMNSELF-12 : Change db table name to fix deployment bug on Oracle  
7297 2755d 02h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Name the Thread  
7296 2755d 02h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Cleanup javadocs  
7295 2755d 02h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Call dispose instead of halt for really stopping the session  
7294 2755d 02h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Factorize some code  
7293 2755d 02h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ Added a trace showing the number of rules fired at each iteration  
7289 2756d 00h sauthieg /jasmine-selfmanagement/ * Unified EOL  

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