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10112 1659d 11h joaninh /jasmine-probe/ Fix an invalid source path  
10111 1664d 11h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ fix issue PROBE-200  
10110 1664d 11h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ add the .gitignore file  
10109 1664d 11h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ remove iml files  
10108 1666d 13h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ update versions of plugins  
10107 1666d 17h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-197 Avoid ConcurrentModificatioException  
10106 1667d 08h danesa /jasmine-probe/ use 2.0 ow2 util modules and plugins (left-over)  
10105 1668d 13h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ use 2.0 ow2 util modules and plugins  
10104 1668d 15h danesa /jasmine-probe/ Update scm connection  
10103 1668d 15h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-182 Fix  
10102 1671d 09h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-197 Take into consideration target recreation. Check for target in the indicator's definition (do it recursively)  
10101 1685d 10h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-197 When re-creating a JASMINe archetype (indicator, output, target) make sure that corresponding collector/outer is re-created when using probe resumes. To do : re-create the corresponding worker when a target changes  
10100 1709d 12h durieuxp /jasmine-probe/ Use new mule bundle  
10099 1730d 14h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 Begin exposing agent management in the REST API (only list agents for the moment)  
10098 1730d 14h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 Expose agent management operations ( add/remove/list agents ) through the JMX client  
10097 1730d 15h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 Implement agents management (provided by a 'master' agent):
- Implement operations allowing to add/remove/list agents.
- Implement operations allowing to register/unregister the current agent within a master agent
10096 1730d 15h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 add operations to the JasmineProbe Manager allowing to manage JasmineProbe agents  
10088 1737d 09h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 Remove prints.  
10087 1737d 17h danesa /jasmine-probe/ Improve code by adding a separate method that puts data in the expected format ; this is called during the processing of each JasmineProbeResult.  
10086 1737d 17h danesa /jasmine-probe/ PROBE-199 Use the agent identifier in the output String printed by a 'console' output.  

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