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9944 2231d 02h joaninh /jasmine-monitoring/ Upgrade cargo version from 1.0.3 to 1.2.0 (unfortunately do not solve the problem when stopping the server)/  
9919 2239d 02h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-398 Add a wizard to create a probe from a template  
9918 2240d 06h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-399 allow creating probe with no output  
9905 2246d 03h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ enable apply button when creating new objects  
9896 2258d 01h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 accept double click also on dashboard view  
9894 2258d 02h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 display object details on double click  
9890 2258d 05h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ styles  
9889 2258d 06h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 fix bad method signature  
9887 2258d 06h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 Use CommonPanel for probe View  
9885 2259d 02h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ fix a bad merge  
9884 2259d 02h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 Use CommonPanel for Indicators, Outputs, Targets  
9867 2260d 00h danesa /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-395 Fix EoS Console URL  
9866 2260d 05h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 add a button to view source indicators  
9861 2261d 02h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ Make remove indicator work again  
9860 2261d 03h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 remove unused class  
9857 2261d 05h jlegrand /jasmine-monitoring/ use last version of JASMINe Event  
9844 2261d 06h jlegrand /jasmine-monitoring/ move extra repositories into the parent pom.xml  
9843 2261d 06h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ use the release version for jasmine probe  
9842 2261d 08h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 remove code no longer used  
9841 2262d 00h durieuxp /jasmine-monitoring/ MONITORING-378 indicator list and output list must be refreshed after change  

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