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6371 1264d 06h reeuwijk /trunk/ Don't always set permissions during execution to the owner and group of
the configuration file, but honour set-uid and set-gid privileges.
6370 1264d 09h reeuwijk /trunk/ Improved man page.  
6369 1266d 07h reeuwijk /trunk/ Added a forgotten include.  
6368 1266d 08h reeuwijk /trunk/ Updated man page.
Cleaned up indent.
A few malloc tests were missing.
6367 1351d 15h rcascella /trunk/ Added license header to VEP files  
6366 1360d 12h gaetanoan /trunk/ Removing code used for experiments  
6365 1360d 15h gaetanoan /trunk/ Updating version number  
6364 1360d 15h gaetanoan /trunk/ Refactoring packages  
6363 1360d 16h gaetanoan /trunk/ Reomve unused imports  
6362 1360d 17h marcodistefano /trunk/ add and fix experiments classes  
6361 1360d 17h marcodistefano /trunk/ add methods to validate ovf-parser  
6360 1366d 12h marcodistefano /trunk/ minor fix  
6359 1366d 12h marcodistefano /trunk/ adding ovf files and add splitting code  
6358 1366d 13h gaetanoan /trunk/ Fixing bug in test dom  
6357 1366d 13h gaetanoan /trunk/ Adding experiment  
6356 1366d 14h marcodistefano /trunk/ add test main for experiments  
6355 1366d 17h marcodistefano /trunk/ minor fix  
6354 1366d 17h marcodistefano /trunk/ added code experiments  
6353 1372d 13h rcascella /trunk/ VEP admin interfaces images  
6352 1372d 13h rcascella /trunk/ VEP images for the admin interface  

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