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5763 1583d 11h yradenac /tags/ conpaas: tagging ConPaaS 1.3.1  
5726 1591d 11h yradenac /tags/ ConPaaS release version 1.3.0  
5708 1600d 18h yradenac /tags/ Tag version 1.3.0-rc4.  
5579 1631d 11h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas 1.3.0-rc3  
5535 1635d 13h srebiere /tags/ [contrail-repositories] tag revision 5530 for version 1.3  
5348 1661d 12h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas-1.3.0-rc2  
4998 1729d 19h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas 1.2.0  
4980 1736d 11h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas 1.2.0-rc4  
4958 1738d 21h srebiere /tags/ Delete old repo

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D svn+srebiere@svn.forge.objectweb.org/svnroot/contrail/tags/contrail-trunk-1.3-beta-1" target="_blank">ssh://srebiere@svn.forge.objectweb.org/svnroot/contrail/tags/contrail-trunk-1.3-beta-1
4919 1744d 08h ema /tags/ conpaas: tagging version 1.2.0-rc3  
4896 1747d 11h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas 1.2.0-rc2  
4842 1757d 12h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas-1.2.0-rc1  
4802 1759d 18h srebiere /tags/ [contrail-repositories] tag revision 4801 for version 1.3-beta-1  
4711 1779d 11h gaetanoan /tags/ Tagging 0.1 version of ovf parser  
4710 1779d 11h gaetanoan /tags/ Creating directory for tagging CNR sw  
4611 1802d 20h srebiere /tags/ [contrail-repositories] tag revision 2312 for version 1.2~RC1  
4546 1821d 13h ctemporale /tags/ Provider SLAM without ISM  
4545 1821d 13h ctemporale /tags/ deleted  
4544 1821d 13h ctemporale /tags/ provider SLAM without ISM  
4287 1886d 09h ema /tags/ Tagging conpaas-1.1.0-rc4  

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