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2417 2995d 11h eyindanga /branches/ Closing support #311503  
2408 3037d 16h loris /branches/ New version for the CMI_1_x branch: 1.3.23  
2406 3037d 16h loris /branches/ Revert the patch for JOnAS Support item #311341.  
2397 3059d 15h eyindanga /branches/ Updating current version to 1.3.22  
2395 3059d 15h eyindanga /branches/ Preparing 3.21 tag.  
2394 3059d 16h eyindanga /branches/ Fix JOnAS Support item #311341  
2372 3136d 12h eyindanga /branches/ Updating the sequence diagram of View synchronization between client and server.  
2371 3136d 13h eyindanga /branches/ Fix bugs when client and server exchange cluster views
* Stubs for Stateful session bean sends client view, same way as Stateless.
* The server attempts to update client view if needed.
2368 3141d 12h eyindanga /branches/ Print non critical message at debug level  
2367 3141d 17h eyindanga /branches/ styles  
2366 3142d 15h eyindanga /branches/ Comment  
2365 3142d 16h eyindanga /branches/ Check if the stub is consistent before adding it...  
2336 3155d 17h eyindanga /branches/ Change version to 1.3.20  
2319 3158d 15h eyindanga /branches/ * Activate failover when loading of a clustered object fails.
* Add some log entries for classloaders and stubs of clustered objects.
2272 3220d 11h pelletib /branches/ Implements FR #313362 (see bug tracker)  
2115 3400d 17h eyindanga /branches/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration  
2113 3400d 17h eyindanga /branches/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release CMI_OSGI_2_0_RC8b  
2112 3400d 17h eyindanga /branches/ Uniforming version tag  
2111 3401d 01h eyindanga /branches/ Parent dependency is no more SNAPSHOT  
2110 3401d 01h eyindanga /branches/ Removing unused version tag  

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