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1854 209d 09h ebruneton /trunk/ Update the jars used for perf tests to more recent versions.  
1851 228d 17h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317786.  
1850 229d 10h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317785.  
1846 342d 10h ebruneton /trunk/ Applied patch from Roman Shevchenko.  
1845 348d 12h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317780.  
1844 348d 13h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317784.  
1842 392d 13h ebruneton /trunk/ Updated history and recent news.  
1834 510d 07h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317748.  
1832 510d 11h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317630.  
1831 510d 14h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed the ClassWriterResizeInsnsTest.  
1830 510d 16h ebruneton /trunk/ Added signature tests to avoid breaking backward binary compatibility with any version >= 4.0.  
1829 522d 11h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317626.  
1828 522d 13h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317749.  
1820 589d 05h andrei /trunk/ A very naive attempt to lookup Java 9 library class files. It works but is *slow*.
Requires to bump the plugin to Java 8, and so update the version too.
1805 635d 11h ebruneton /trunk/ Correct fix for bug #317621.  
1804 636d 10h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317621.  
1803 640d 01h forax /trunk/ The constructor of java.lang.Integer is deprecated in 9 so add some @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") in Opcodes because the code can not be changed without breaking the backward compatibility  
1802 645d 10h forax /trunk/ Add a comment to ask people to not try to refactor the Integers that are used to represent the states of the locals/stack values to use auto-boxing  
1801 649d 12h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed bug #317616.  
1800 685d 09h ebruneton /trunk/ Fixed typo.  

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