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148 4761d 16h contrera / Now use the Apollon EntityResolver for the models  
147 4761d 16h contrera / Adds the DTD and EntityResolver to the runtime JAR.  
146 4761d 16h contrera / Introduction of an EntityResolver
This class will load any properties file given to Apollon
through the Apollon.FPI.list Java property.

These properties should map PUBLIC IDs of XML FPIs to DTD file names.
The value is the path to the DTD file within the ClassLoader resources.

Apollon's FPI is statically added to the resolver.

NOTE that FPIs contain white space characters which need to be ESCAPED.
145 4771d 00h contrera / This is a duplication of the DTD for web publication  
144 4772d 14h contrera / First version of the Apollon documentation  
143 4772d 14h contrera / The Choice List component brick can now be built from a List or a String array.  
142 4869d 16h moghrabi / Update copyrights 2004->2005  
141 4887d 18h contrera / The Choice List component brick can now be built from a List or a String array.  
140 4951d 16h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'APOLLON_0_2'.  
139 4951d 16h rouvoy / * Moving apollon from CVS root to a dedicated module.
* Removing all import package.*
* Correcting imports into the code.
* Commenting unused methods and variables.
* Updating build process.
* Adding eclipse configuration files.
138 4951d 21h rouvoy / * Creation of the apollon module to make the checkout from eclipse easier.  
137 5182d 05h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
136 5182d 05h contrera / Added the CloseFile, RevertFile, SaveFile actions to the runtime. Modified management of double identifiers in the tree (with a _). Now removes a file identifier from the file tables when closing an instance  
135 5198d 16h contrera / Added the JAR production to better PACKAGE the produced frameworks  
134 5198d 16h contrera / Removed generated.xml.dir property reading (not used anymore), cosmetic updates, change of the custom.xml.dir into browser.configuration.file. Enhancement of the output when a file is unknown  
133 5198d 17h contrera / Modification of the generated XML files, now they are merged in a single one called browser_configuration.xml (which is easier to load from a ClassLoader)  
132 5198d 17h contrera / Cosmetic update, removing former code  
131 5198d 17h contrera / Removed location of generated XML files as they are now included in the produced JAR file  
130 5199d 05h contrera / Reducing the minimum vertical size to 3 rows  
129 5199d 05h contrera / Cosmetic + Management of the XML subfolder for Browser files + Now reporting ignored files during opening  

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