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356 3531d 05h aghitescu /axml/ try-outs  
354 3531d 05h aghitescu /axml/  
352 3564d 07h zoupanos /axml/ last changes for webcontent  
351 3565d 02h zoupanos /axml/ changes needed for the web content project. Now triples are indexed in kadop and are constructed from scratch before every optimisation  
350 3565d 07h zoupanos /axml/ code that works and needs cleaning  
348 3571d 06h mouazara /axml/ add optimizeAndExecuteQuery operation to Optimax Service  
347 3573d 05h aghitescu /axml/ the branch for activexml used for web content  
346 3577d 09h aghitescu /axml/ moved to branches  
345 3580d 08h aghitescu /axml/ branch for version 2.3  
344 3580d 09h aghitescu /axml/ try-outs  
342 3613d 05h aghitescu /axml/  
338 3635d 03h aghitescu /axml/  
337 3648d 06h aghitescu /axml/  
336 3648d 06h aghitescu /axml/ updates to gwt interface  
335 3649d 06h aghitescu /axml/  
334 3649d 06h aghitescu /axml/  
333 3649d 06h aghitescu /axml/ gwt web interface and install examples ant template  
332 3656d 03h aghitescu /axml/ optimax version from demo  
331 3656d 03h aghitescu /axml/ optimax version from demo  
330 3656d 04h aghitescu /axml/  

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