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367 3343d 02h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Maintainer tested OK  
366 3343d 06h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Compiling, Maintaining, Tuning - the good architecture  
365 3346d 03h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Libs  
364 3347d 02h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ good advancement on the compilation part  
363 3347d 09h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ datalog classes added, it does not compile yet  
362 3348d 04h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ separating the XQuery&XPath queries that need to be generated from the query model  
361 3349d 03h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Integrate (partially) with QueryNode and QueryTree, added inequality constraints  
360 3350d 05h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ relevance algorithm tested  
359 3350d 06h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Scenarios, Dominance and test classes  
358 3350d 09h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Initial import.  
357 3350d 09h bogdanmarinoiu /Axlog2/ Initial import.