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340 3570d 22h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ merge with axml 2.1  
192 3683d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ solution for bug generic query: null declaration  
191 3683d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ solved bug: concurrent exception  
188 3683d 22h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/  
137 3710d 14h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ solved bug - release documents
management service
120 3720d 18h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/  
85 3720d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ soapalerter  
33 3740d 13h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ toString and implementation for "activated" flag is changed  
13 3752d 18h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ solved bug "activated" flag  
5 3772d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/ implemented DISABLED flag to be equivalent to sc = "never activated"  
2 3773d 18h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/impl/