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349 3503d 20h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml modified build files to work by default on windows or on linux  
340 3570d 22h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml merge with axml 2.1  
85 3720d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml soapalerter  
34 3740d 13h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml tomcat memory  
27 3741d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml _installSamples  
26 3747d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml added chmod  
21 3748d 20h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/buildDev.xml created a build for developers