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353 3488d 22h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ solved bug in web interface related to the db link of in progress documents  
349 3506d 22h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ modified build files to work by default on windows or on linux  
341 3574d 01h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/  
340 3574d 01h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ merge with axml 2.1  
193 3687d 00h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ dss timeout changed  
192 3687d 00h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ solution for bug generic query: null declaration  
191 3687d 00h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ solved bug: concurrent exception  
189 3687d 00h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/  
188 3687d 01h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/  
179 3687d 21h zoupanos /ActiveXML2/  
178 3687d 21h zoupanos /ActiveXML2/  
166 3693d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ web page: added field for strategy  
157 3698d 23h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ Optimax service gets the strategy as a parameter  
154 3700d 23h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ SO_TIMEOUT must be set in two methods  
153 3701d 01h gabriel /ActiveXML2/ Modified the default SO_TIMEOUT for the client socket  
148 3708d 21h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ release resource  
147 3709d 21h gabriel /ActiveXML2/ If AXML starts before Exist it may fail to connect to the database. Bug solved.  
140 3713d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/  
139 3713d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/  
138 3713d 17h aghitescu /ActiveXML2/ solved bug - release documents
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