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565 2713d 19h brunoborges /edge/ Fixed POM version of accord parent  
550 2714d 15h brunoborges /edge/ Fixed POM on Edge project  
548 2714d 15h brunoborges /edge/ Fixed accord parent version  
248 2826d 12h rmarins /edge/ Use accord-parent-3 release in sub-projects  
190 2954d 16h rafael.marins /edge/  
181 2981d 23h rafael.marins /edge/ Update release 1.0.0-M4.  
165 3004d 19h rafael.marins /edge/ Release 1.0.0-M3.  
164 3004d 19h rafael.marins /edge/ Fixed OftpIsdn client operation. Dependencies update. Add minor logging info & configuration. Now it's Edge v1.0.0-M3.  
159 3046d 07h rafael.marins /edge/ Edge 1.0.0-M2 release.  
157 3046d 07h rafael.marins /edge/ Command-Line Client interface. Version to 1.0.0-M2.  
154 3046d 16h rafael.marins /edge/ Functioning ISDN listening implementation  
153 3051d 14h rafael.marins /edge/  
150 3059d 14h rafael.marins /edge/ AGPLv3 license.  
149 3059d 14h rafael.marins /edge/ AGPLv3 license.  
148 3059d 15h rafael.marins /edge/ Edge v1.0.0-M1.  
147 3059d 15h rafael.marins /edge/ Release 1.0.0-M1.  
145 3059d 16h rafael.marins /edge/ Adjust Edge version to 1.0.0-M1-SNAPSHOT  
144 3059d 16h rafael.marins /edge/ Use accord-isdn-netty-1.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT  
141 3059d 17h rafael.marins /edge/ OFTP-ISDN proxy from accord-isdn-netty.  
139 3059d 17h rafael.marins /edge/ Init Accord Edge project structure  

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