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934 1798d 15h rmarins / Rebase odetteftp tags under a single repository structure  
933 1798d 15h rmarins / Rebase odetteftp tags under a single repository structure  
932 1798d 15h rmarins / Rebase odetteftp trunk as a module  
931 1798d 15h rmarins / Standard svn structure  
930 1798d 15h rmarins / Reverting commits from r929:926 - back rebase, flat structure, and specific oftp 1.2 protocol changes.  
929 1799d 15h rmarins / odetteftp/ module rebased.  
928 1799d 15h rmarins / Rebasing modules to a flat repository structure.  
927 1869d 04h rmarins / Adding the older OFTP v1.2 specific command format.  
926 1871d 20h rmarins / Closing file channel on end file.  
925 1871d 20h rmarins / Setting a default connect timeout value when not used in clientOptions - 45secs.  
924 1871d 21h rmarins / Mathieu Pasture has fixed the logging of reused OdetteFtpExchangeBuffer in the ProtocolLoggingHandler. It is not so final, the object is reused and the data inside is replaced so when you access it later, you get the log from that time.  
923 1896d 02h rmarins / Sending correct SFIDFSIZ parameter in 1k blocks.  
922 1901d 07h rmarins / Fix the PROTOCOL VIOLATION error due to the Credit Size reset matching with the End Of Stream. Found when sending reach endOfStream and sent last DATA command but Credit Size is 0 (zero); thus, the peer must wait for Set Credit before sending the EFID command.  
921 1947d 07h rmarins /  
920 1947d 07h rmarins /  
919 2018d 09h rmarins /  
918 2074d 07h rmarins / Wrap thrown exceptions by the ISDN layer but let forward it to be handled by upper application layer.  
917 2076d 05h rmarins / Handle either the older version of ESID command format when Start Session or the OFTP2 ESID extended format.  
916 2113d 11h rmarins / Refactoring to make Client object reusable and ChannelFactory optional argument or auto-instatiated.  
915 2113d 11h rmarins /  

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