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20,6 → 20,23
ext: external and useful files
examples: examples to test and show functionalities
- #303280: XAPool does not cooperate with transaction manager when testing
connections: this bug is fixed
- #303239: IllegalMonitorStateException in PoolKeeper: this bug is fixed
- #303191 (and #303192): unable to excute new connection after expiration: this bug is fixed
- #303302 StandardXADataSource.toString() fails with NullPointerException:
this bug is fixed
- #300994: NullPointerException occurred when multi-thread access: this bug is
- added jdbc 1.4 methods for Statement, PreparedStatement and
CallableStatement objects
- added methods and fixed bugs about Statement and PreparedStatement objects
which were not included into transactions
- added the last version of JOTM (2.0.8), new version of Carol,
commons-logging, jotm_jrmp_stubs. And added connector-1_5.jar and howl.jar
- bug fix, contribution by Miro. Bug found with SAPdb in his