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been issued towards them via the proxy, and in turn send replies to these requests in order for them to be forwarded to the respective clients.
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Available methods:
1. Get all pending requests for a device: [GET] http://{proxyURL}/pendingrequests/{deviceID}
-> Responds with a JSON array
2. Request a value from a service on a specified device: [GET]: http://{proxyURL}/{deviceID}/{serviceName}
-> Responds with the response from the service
3. Posts a response to the proxy from the device: [POST] http://{proxyURL}/{deviceID}/{serviceName}
-> Includes in body the sensed values from the mobile device
4. Start the onboard Websocket server: [GET] http://{proxyURL}/startws
5. Stop the onboard Websocket server: [GET] http://{proxyURL}/stopws
6. Check the status of the onboard Websocket server: [GET] http://{proxyURL}/statusws
Deploy it on a Tomcat server.